The Zing Hard Floor Care System is a very simplified system of procedures, using the most advanced international floor care technologies, that reduces the amount of equipment, time and materials needed to maintain floors at a consistently higher level of appearance on a daily basis.

It is labour saving, self removing, forgiving (if anything should go wrong, you can fix it), on-going maintenance system that removes dirt down through at least two layers of floor finish without removing any floor finish and produces a safe, dust free, transparent, dirt-resistant floor film that resists dirt from getting into the pores of the tile floor finish coating.

What the Zing Hard Floor Care System will do for hard floors :

  • Reduces floor care labour by 50%-70%!
  • Increases dust control efficiency by 50%!
  • Increases floor safety!
  • Eliminates spray buffing!
  • Eliminates dusting and powdering problems when burnishing!
  • Eliminates the need for floor finish restoring!
  • Reduces floor finish recoating by 40%!
  • Reduces floor pad consumption by 30%!
  • Eliminates dirt and finish build-up!
  • Eliminates the need for routine floor stripping!
  • Delivers a consistantly higher level of floor!
  • Appearance in less time with much less materials!
  • Assist users in maintaining total control over tile floors at all times

What Makes The Zing Hard Floor Care System Different?

Each of the components of the Zing Hard Floor Care System are fortified with Zing CPC (Cleaning and Polishing Compound) so that each step in the process reinforces the previous step to produce a synergistic effect, which means that the result is greater than the sum of all the individual parts. That is why Zing can GUARANTEE to save 50%-70% of the materials and labour normally used in conventional floor care maintenance.

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