Vikan – Unique solutions for every purpose

Vikan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of maximum hygiene cleaning implements. Vikan has the solution to all your cleaning and hygiene problems. Through our many years' experience we have accumulated comprehensive product and development skills which make us your obvious supplier of cleaning implements and equipment.

Wide and extensive assortment

As Vikan's assortment is both wide and extensive, we can offer customised solutions which exactly suit your needs and comply with statutory requirements in terms of hygiene, health, ergonomics, environment, documentation etc.

Focus on research and development

Vikan is an innovative company focusing on research and development. Our products are not only known for their efficiency and sustainability, but are also recognised as being at the cutting-edge of technology and development.

We create value for our customers

Whether it be our colour-coded concept which provides a pragmatic approach to the food sector's challenges of ensuring efficient hygienic cleaning and a visibly safe physical environment, or our microfibre materials which have been specially developed to deliver enhanced levels of cleanliness and bacteria control with minimum effort and greater efficiency, Vikan constantly endeavours to integrate the latest knowledge in our solutions, thereby creating value for you the customer.

Vikan has unique solutions for every purpose within:

  • The Food & Beverage Sector
  • Kitchens and restaurants
  • The Healthcare Sector
  • Education
  • Retail & Supermarkets
  • The Transport Sector

Want to know more?

Please call our customer services team on 01508 532510 or fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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