UK Cleaning Professionals Academic Service

About UKCPAS™ The United Kingdom Cleaning Professionals Academic Service (UKCPAS™ Ltd) is an awarding body providing accreditation, quality standards and a modern, business friendly approach to the Cleaning Industry. Accreditation by UKCPAS™ demonstrates that a company has met set standards of business competence, maintenance and continuous improvement of its performance and in servicing contracts. UKCPAS™ main objectives are to:

  • Improve quality standards and their application in the cleaning industry.
  • Increase and assist the move towards professionally recognized staff.
  • Provide Accredited and recognized training to the industry.
  • Provide a membership service for companies and individuals.
  • As a professional service, UKCPAS™ advances the professional development, credentials, knowledge and information services of its membership community.
  • Champion Quality Standards in the cleaning industry, that is driven by a sense of responsibility to enrich lives, improve workplaces and communities, support business retention and to raise the profile of the industry by applying quality tools, techniques, and methods of work.

Some of our skills units include:

  • Proficiency in Chemical Handling & Safe Use
  • Proficiency in Safe Use of Equipment & Storage
  • Proficiency in Preparation for Carrying out Tasks
  • Single Solution Mopping Method & Observation
  • Body Fluids & Contaminated Matter
  • Refuse Collection, Floor Sweeping Method

Certification pathway is from Foundation Level through Level 3.

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