Quick Request

Quick Request is a service that allows customers to use their smartphones to report problems, request services, and provide feedback. The system records all interactions automatically and notifies the appropriate staff member immediately.

This allows companies to get feedback before their customers have left the premises.

Quick Request means you can say goodbye to the papers surveys. Feedback via Quick Request is in real time giving you the opportunity to respond to positive of negative feedback. Grab the attention of your customer and monitor their satisfaction level. With Quick Request you can measure your customers’ perception of your facility services per location, per floor and for each facility. Complaints or comments from your customers arrive in real time so you can immediately respond to feedback or complaints from your customers.

Get feedback in just 30 seconds. Visitors to your retail store can use Quick Request in just 30 seconds to leave feedback about your store. This will give you insight into the service of your employees, the product range and the prices. This feedback from your customers ensure that you can respond to the real needs of your customers.


Save Time:

Quick Request streamlines customer service and eliminates manual logging of requests. The right information gets to the right person immediately, eliminating lag time in between. And because it records response time, it also improves productivity.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Retention:

Because customers can easily report problems and request services and receive such a quick response, they feel that your service goes above and beyond your competitors. Such a consistent level of high service keeps customers happy and loyal.

Increase Revenue:

Quick Request provides your business with the tools to maximize your bottom line, not only through customer retention, but also through positive reviews and referrals that lead to new sales. The instant feedback it provides also allows you to know exactly the ways in which to improve your business to maximize profits.

At Quick Request, we wanted to make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers, so they could increase efficiency, cut costs, and boost customer satisfaction and retention. The more we listened to clients, the more functionality we built into Quick Request.

Whatever product or service your business provides, Quick Request can add real value – value you can measure in minutes until response time, number of problems resolved, and positive reviews received.

Quick Request can work for any industry – our clients include universities, movie theatres, airports, hospitals, property management companies, and more. What can Quick Request do for your business?

Quick Request has an innovative Patent Pending technology to improve customer communications and customer service. Trial it out for free and see for yourself.

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