ProTeam® Backpack Vacuums Boost Productivity, User Comfort

In this global economic slowdown, professional cleaners across Europe are under pressure to speed up and cut costs. Even a slight reduction in the time they take on basic carpet and floor care can add up to considerable savings. To improve productivity without shortcutting effectiveness, many cleaning companies now look to ergonomic backpack vacuums.

The first lightweight backpack vacuum was introduced 25 years ago by the U.S. based company ProTeam, and it soon became a phenomena in the commercial cleaning world for speed and efficiency. Designed to fit like a mountaineering pack, a ProTeam backpack vacuum combines a high-powered motor and multi-level filtration system to uproot deep-seated particles and capture microscopic dust with increased productivity and effectiveness.

When used in a cleaning system, ProTeam backpack vacuums clean up to 929 square metres an hour, tub vacuums clean only 273 square metres an hour, and upright vacuums clean only 265 square metres an hour. Studies prove that backpacks are 30 percent more effective at removing soil than tank canisters, and after five passes, ProTeam backpack vacuums are 43 percent more efficient at removing soil than a commercial upright vacuum.

A cleaning professional can achieve incredible speeds using a backpack vacuum, because the unit is more comfortable for the user than an upright or tank canister. ProTeam’s 5.7 litre Super QuarterVac® has a slim profile that hugs close to the torso and weighs only 4.5 Kg. With a properly adjusted harness, the weight of the backpack vacuum rests mostly on the wearer’s hips and is carried by the legs, much less grueling than pushing an upright back and forth with the arm and shoulder. The lightweight wand is easy to manoeuvre around obstacles. All of these design elements allow workers to clean longer with less effort.

Backpack vacuums also improve productivity by replacing more than one cleaning tool. A backpack vacuum does not only clean carpet, but hard floors, stairs, and upholstery in addition to high and low dusting. It eliminates the need for up to five less effective tools: a broom, dustpan, dust mop, duster and upright vacuum. Fewer tools mean fewer stops to take a trip to the cleaners cupboard. A minute saved here and there, can add up to huge labor savings for facility managers.

Powerful suction is important to maintain a facility that looks clean to occupants. However, to go beyond looks and start Cleaning for Health®, a vacuum must have a high-efficiency filtration system that captures not only visible dirt and dust, but invisible pollutants and allergens.

Using a unique Four Level® Filtration process, ProTeam’s vacuums are 99.9% effective at capturing particulate matter at 1 micron and larger—a unit of measurement that indicates a size of approximately a millionth of a meter and includes most particles that pose a risk to those with asthma and allergies. The Super QuarterVac also has the option of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration to trap even smaller allergens.

In the day-to-day world of large-scale cleaning, a ProTeam backpack vacuum means getting a job done more quickly with better results

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