The Green Clean Institute

The Green Clean Institute from Rolla, Missouri has a simple mission ‘Changing the Notion about Cleaning for Health.’

The President of the Institute is David Thompson who has over 35 years of experience from building maintenance services, service ownership and direct frontline operator education. Thompson is viewed highly in the US Cleaning Industry and is seen as a ‘hands on’, motivational and respected teacher.

The Green Clean Institute is very clear about its message: they offer education, not training. While others discuss energy savings, recycling and purchasing green products and services, Thompson believes fervently that “health trumps them all” and cleaning is the universal starting point for any Green operation or service.

The Institute has already expanded from its Missouri base into Canada and Nigeria but also sees the UK as a market which is rapidly understanding that the needs of the environment and how we do things affects our personal health and these actions effects the future of the planet and the legacy we leave our children.

The Green Clean Institute Certified programme is seen as the starting point for any person or organizations green journey and education is seen as the key to a healthier personal environment which has a positive effect on the community.

Certifications take many forms, are affordable and are staged so, for instance, an individual can become:

  • GCIC Technician
  • GCIC Manager
  • GCIC Executive
  • GCIC Consultant

As an example the technician is a level one certification of which any student must take before moving forward. Each level has a two module course of study provided by an e-learning platform download to your computer. After each of the modules, a final test is provided to ensure the complete understanding on behalf of the student.

As an example of the syllabus covered during this entry level stage they look at:-

Module 1

  • Certification Expectations
  • Green Cleaning Basics
  • What does Biodegradable/ Mean?
  • Does Green Clean Work?
  • The Custodial Duty
  • The Rise of Green Clean mandates
  • Green Clean Procedures
  • Sheer Statistics
  • The Green Janitor Option
  • Governmental Acquisition Regulations

Module 2

  • Liability Protection
  • Understanding the Impact of Cleaning Products
  • Traditional Versus Green Products
  • A List of Environmental Issues
  • How to Evaluation Products
  • Claims of Negligence for Building Compliance
  • The Question of Economics
  • The Holy Grail
  • Ten Practical Tips on Green Cleaning

On completion the candidate gets a frameable certificate confirming the certified status of the employee as a Green Clean Institute Technician under the Green Clean Compliance standards.

The other courses follow a similar pattern for the individuals taking part in the education and, likewise, provide proof of competency and certification.

Similarly whole organisations can be certified when the principal of the operation earns GCIC Executive status and 30% of full-time employees earn GCIC Technician status. The firm will be allowed to use the Firm certificate in quotes and tenders and the business is also allowed to use the Green Clean Institute Certified Seal. Hundreds of firms worldwide have found the ability to provide this competency has won them business in a fiercely competitive market and/or set their organization apart from the rest of the pack.

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