The Cleaning System

The software allows users to set up and measure all types of rooms and spaces based on custom or built-in dynamic area types.

Once the space inventory has been entered and measured it is easy and convenient to calculate the overall time and expenditure. At the same time you may distribute work assignments to employees, print out overviews of rooms, work plans and colour drawings as desired.

Finally, it also enables you to control the planned cleaning tasks according to the Nordic INSTA 800 Quality Evaluation Standard. All in one software package.

The Cleaning System Version 4 is a Windows-based program. The program is available in 3 different versions divided into modules and may be customised to fit your company, and adjusted as conditions change.

The program’s area types have been tested and verified throughout many years in various types of cleaning companies. In The Cleaning System v4 these area types have been improved, are more detailed and even more flexible than ever.

You may change / add new models, and change / add new key figures in the system – thus ensuring that your time calculations will always be targeted to your particular company’s operations.

Quick and Reliable Measuring of Areas

Using The Cleaning System will enable you to measure your cleaning areas quickly and easily. You need only a drawing of your cleaning area and a scale, or a reference measurement on the site, to be able to measure and calculate the size of all your areas.

You can start with a paper drawing, an architect drawing (from AutoCad or similar), or a scanned drawing in ordinary image file format. Regardless of the drawing material available to you, it will always be used for measuring in The Cleaning System. You may do it yourself, otherwise we shall be pleased to assist in finding the right way of converting your material for use in The Cleaning System.

Visual Planning Tool

The Cleaning System is a visual planning tool. All registrations may be viewed and changed directly on the drawings measured – allowing for a great general view, and enabling a check on your room info at a single glance.

The rooms may be distributed between your assistants and colour-coded on your drawings. You may also run detailed planning of the weekdays selected for cleaning and the days for light or thorough cleaning – again, directly on your drawings.

The wide colour-coding potential of the system may also be used simultaneously, as well as the facilities for adding text and symbols in the rooms, for communicating your planning to interested parties: Buyers, cleaning superintendents, assi¬stants, and daily users of the rooms. It is effective and easy/intuitive to use.

Simulations and Cost Calculations

Applying The Cleaning System ”Search and Replace” func¬tion will enable you to calculate, quickly and easily, the consequences of alternative cleaning frequencies, choice of methods, level of hygiene, etc.

The financial consequences of your calculations may be read directly in the system built-in price calculation.

Save Time with The Cleaning System

Modern cleaning managers use The Cleaning System v4 in their daily work. It is time-saving, creates easily understood overviews and offers inspiration to solve many of today’s challenges in the cleaning industry.

The detailed calculation models, detailed room records and clear drawings of the building will ensure fast and simple planning, better financial control as well as easy-to-read work drawings for your staff.

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