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NICE has evolved to bring Innovation and Education to the Cleaning and Facilities Management industries. Employers and individuals are faced with increasing demands from their clients to improve standards, reduce their environmental impact, cut costs and bring added benefit with almost every contract awarded. You will find several ways of achieving this on our website, many of them innovative and keeping with the times to embrace technology, helping everyone achieve better service and overall job satisfaction for the individual.

NICE aim to also help businesses and individuals to understand the importance of high quality, Accredited training. The UK Cleaning Professionals Academic Service (UKCPAS) bring a better level of Accredited education schemes to the cleaning industry, as does the Green Clean Institute, both of whom we are working closely with. Because of the wealth of experience and knowledge NICE has in respect of Accredited Training we can also help companies and organisations aiming to set up their own Accredited centre or centres, simply visit the Education area and send an enquiry direct to the appropriate awarding body to suit your needs.

NICE pioneered the launch of the Green Clean Institute (GCI) in the UK, which has continued to develop as clients become more conscious about reducing their environmental impact. GCI have an impressive array of Accredited e-learning schemes helping cleaning companies work towards creating a healthier and safer environment, which then translates to a better working environment for everyone entering the same areas or workplaces.

Unlike other schemes in the UK GCI does not have an option to simply become an individual or corporate member and ‘buy the badge’, their schemes are affordable and accessible to everyone with levels to suit all sizes of companies or organisations – visit the Education area and send an enquiry to find out how their innovative schemes can benefit your business and employees.

Membership affiliation was once seen as a badge offering a veneer of respectability, although in reality this brought little or no benefit to anyone. Plans are already underway to launch the National Institute of Cleaning Education in the near future; this will focus on helping people at all levels network online and face to face worldwide, aiming to ensure members have better access to information and share ideas to improve their knowledge, health and well-being.

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